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Wake up in the morning
It feels warmer today
It's been freezing for months
I watch it all melt away
Feel like I've been taken
From a frozen dream I'm waking
Pull back the curtains
In this cave of hibernation
Now the air is fresh
And I can feel the solar energy
Penetratin' pores
Making this new day
A friend to me
Optimism rising
Playfull plans I'm surmising
Call my peeps to come and meet
Up at the park cuz it's surprising
How beautiful it is
What a difference a day makes
Yesterday tired and weary
Today alive and awake
Lighthearted sentiments
Have started taking precedent
Reinvent my present tense
This Sunlight is like heaven sent
God's pulling back the clouds
That shrouded the beauty
Spring is good for flowers
But it also allows
A new me
Wrestling free
From the winter's icy clutches
Sunlight burns bright
Illuminating all it touches

[Lefspek Vs 2]

This energy was sent to me
A thousands years on track
From the center of the Sun
To the browning rays on my back
One hundred and fifty million clicks
In eight minutes quick
It can be so intense
It starts to make me get sick
As I face and embrace
This glowing place of fire
I feel it replace
The dark space
With a warmth and desire
To fill the universe
With Illuminating chorus
Joining in creation
Celebrating Ra and Horus
A constant reminder
Of the truth and how to find her
Pushing through the paradox
And pulling back the blinders
Something to be said
About the center of the system
Keeping balance of the bodies
At any given distance
Somewhere between
Ecstasy and tragedy
I delight in Sunlight
And I revel in it's majesty


from Recent Relics "ROOTED", released February 23, 2017
Produced by Nur Konnect. Cuts and arrangement by Lefspek.



all rights reserved


Lefspek Toronto, Ontario

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