Recent Relics "ROOTED"

by Lefspek

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Collaboration project by Montreal based producer/rapper Nur Konnect and Toronto based producer/rapper Lefspek.


released February 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Lefspek Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Love And Support (Featuring Jabbathakut)
I am a man of mystery
Given a hand in history
Making a plan
Taking a stand
With a mic man
So listen to me
I never took it lightly
That the almighty
Let me write these
And if you like my insights
You can go ahead and bite me
That's right “B”
Say exactly what I said
Cuz the job of resurectors
Is to wake up the dead
You can tell I'm tellin' the truth
I yell in the booth cuz it's on fire
Cause an earthquake for the fake
Check your pants if you're a liar
Given a chance
And I'll advance
Like a hoard of hungry ants
And pick apart the picnic
That is sickening our lands
Everyone knows on it goes
Seeds get sown and sown deeper
Seeds of love are life
With seeds of hate
Our fate's the reaper
Is life getting bleaker
If you're that type of seeker
The news at night is full of fright
And won't highlight
The right speaker
The truth is
The new biz
Is assuming that we're stupid
And only love ourselves
Like some narcissistic cupids
It could seem like they're right
It's a plight that's hard to fight
When we walk past starving people
Every day and every night
And if we stop for a second
To check in with our hearts
The pain tells our brain
That they're to blame so we depart
And that's gotta change
Cuz we're running from ourselves
Every persons' a part of you
And everybody needs help
Track Name: Smooth Ink

Bic and papermates
Ink shapes as I create
In this state I contemplate
And face my fate with love and hate
My mind keeps deliverin'
My pen keeps scribblin
Writin' down the finds
In this life and time I'm livin' in
I'm staring at the blue lines
Until I make new rhymes
Pen poised like a friend
To defend my position
And write what I recite
Even when no one will listen
The marks that I'm jabbin' in
Start time travelin'
To the future
Where my mind can think
And unravell them
I'm aiming for the truth
With my ink filled javelin
Sometimes it goes slow
But one word could start an avalanche
I love to freestyle
It will always have its place
But the pen is a friend
Who can never be erased
Tappin' keys?
Please MCs
Must be organic
I stay connected to my words
Like the trees to the planet
Ancient form of forming thought
So you can understand it


Flight feather of a large bird
Call it a quill
My ink spills
Can’t keep my pen still
Late night romance
My crow quill dance
Grip it hold it tight
Through God’s might
Write with my right till it’s bright
Flowing on these beats
While the ink throwing up on the white sheets
Awakened with the one who never sleeps
Inspiration comes from the Lord
My pen is my sword travels through the Mic cord
Primitive thought no second guessing
Ain’t no half steppin' sharp edge metal weapon
Open mics pen Paradise
Please enable us to write on a papyrus
Inject the paper with the pointing needle
Keeping all my rhymes legal
Ink drippin' flying like an eagle
Urban nomad with the pen and the pad..
So far the best friend that I ever had
Let the beats and the words blend
Computers are cool
But it can never replace the pen

Vs 3

Reading what I write
Providing needed insight
Inside me there's a light
That's hard to see until it's right
In front of me
To confront thee
Conundrums that are stumping me
A writer who feels lighter
When I'm setting something free
Cuz what are thoughts
But ink blots
Formed into perception?
I use my stylo
On the D-low
'till I find a true connection
And when I take a look
At my spiral bound books
It's like a photograph snapped
Of my mind in rhymes and hooks
A history of the living tree
That is me as an artist
And it was my friend the pen
Who could always help me start this
I'd be a different fish
If I was illiterate
How would I swim through life?
It's hard for me to consider it
Sometimes I cross out more words than I speak
But most times I'm thinking more thoughts
Than I would ever speak
The written word is strong
Even when the voice is meek
So I pull out the pen and pad every day of the week
Track Name: Sunlight
Wake up in the morning
It feels warmer today
It's been freezing for months
I watch it all melt away
Feel like I've been taken
From a frozen dream I'm waking
Pull back the curtains
In this cave of hibernation
Now the air is fresh
And I can feel the solar energy
Penetratin' pores
Making this new day
A friend to me
Optimism rising
Playfull plans I'm surmising
Call my peeps to come and meet
Up at the park cuz it's surprising
How beautiful it is
What a difference a day makes
Yesterday tired and weary
Today alive and awake
Lighthearted sentiments
Have started taking precedent
Reinvent my present tense
This Sunlight is like heaven sent
God's pulling back the clouds
That shrouded the beauty
Spring is good for flowers
But it also allows
A new me
Wrestling free
From the winter's icy clutches
Sunlight burns bright
Illuminating all it touches

[Lefspek Vs 2]

This energy was sent to me
A thousands years on track
From the center of the Sun
To the browning rays on my back
One hundred and fifty million clicks
In eight minutes quick
It can be so intense
It starts to make me get sick
As I face and embrace
This glowing place of fire
I feel it replace
The dark space
With a warmth and desire
To fill the universe
With Illuminating chorus
Joining in creation
Celebrating Ra and Horus
A constant reminder
Of the truth and how to find her
Pushing through the paradox
And pulling back the blinders
Something to be said
About the center of the system
Keeping balance of the bodies
At any given distance
Somewhere between
Ecstasy and tragedy
I delight in Sunlight
And I revel in it's majesty
Track Name: Worldwide
We are one son
From one Sun
Begun from
Farthest Stardust
All parts of the one sum
I love and accept
I project respect
Close my eyes and reconnect
With why I've been blessed
I feel the energy
This world is sending me in my neck
Goose flesh starts to mesh
And helps my spirit refresh
I hear epistles when I hold the crystals
Deep in my palm
I meditate when I create
Inhale and exhale a song
No more dark persona
I'm a being of light
I release the paradigms
That say we gotta fight
I can see what's right
With my third eye sight
Crossed eyed in the night
As I try to take flight
I'm not trying to sell it
It's just how I tell it
I'm just a relic
That's been recently found
My heart beats With the suns heat
As this world goes round

To this world
We bring positive vibes
Drop the ego and let go of pride
There's only one love and it's on our side
So peace to the North
And Worldwide (2x)